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Simple Cookie Recipes - Delicious & Easy Cookie Recipes

Simple Cookie Recipes

We are so glad you found us, sit down, relax, enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea you may find the Simple Cookie Recipes to enjoy with your beverage the next time you visit us.
Feel at home and find out what we can offer you when it comes to making yourself Simple Cookies.
Simple Cookie Recipes

What you can expect at our Simple Cookie Recipes home!

At our Simple Cookie Recipes home, we’re all about sweet sensational tasting cookies. We’re a cookie orientated family that works hard to provide you with good sweet and wholesome biscuits’ to pass on to your family and friends.
Feel free to roam our home to learn all about our recipes when it comes to baking your favorite home to holiday treats.
Here you will learn how the best scrumptious cookies are made from scratch, with some delicate tasteful recipes to show off to family and friends from local too far away.

Why Cookies you say!

This favorite comfort food began as a kitchen test, and who doesn’t enjoy a cookie! If you think if we did not have ovens, we would not have had these delightful treats. Biscuits’ was invented in the days of old to test primitive ovens to bake cakes.
Rather than ruining the cake the little cake or cookie had been born, not knowing that these delicate, simple cookies would fascinate so many all over the world.
Cookies are small, sweet, salty, flat and even round and easy to make. They can be flour based, and even flourless; made from egg whites with added chocolate and nuts. They are chewy, soft or crispy, big, small, plain and fancy all to your required taste.
Made with sugar and butter or complex with multitudes of ingredients, each with their own name from the cookie, biscuit to koekje or little cake, but we all love them.

Homemade Cookie Recipe styles

Choose our homemade cookie recipes’ style suited for you from the classical dough handled to no baked cookies. Learn how to make the following:
Learn how to make tray bake cookies also known as bar cookies. Play with batter poured and pressed into trays, baked and cut to size to tickle your taste buds. Or choose soft dough dropped by spoon onto a baking sheet, while baking ads some flair with chocolate, nuts, and decorations.
Delicious cookie recipes made with stiffer dough, molded into balls or even little heart shapes. Enjoy some no-bake cookies or pressed soft dough decorative shapes. Refrigerate or icebox them, and even roll them into cute shapes as a holiday treat.
Simple Cookie Recipes

Deliciously enticing, magical world of home cookie baking

Since you are here with us, we know you are taking the step into the world of baking cookies. Allow us to share simple recipes for cookies, were not all professional bakers, and even some are new, let us share with you the easy requirements to start with the basic needs of baking these luscious biscuits.

Basic Ingredients

The basics of our cookie recipes include sugar, eggs, flour, butter, and some extra added tasteful ingredients to spice up your life. Be sure to make use of real butter if you can. Some recipes may call for various sugars from powdered to granule. Eggs are the key ingredient to binding your cookie dough and don’t forget the flour, all-purpose flour is usually the best.

Equipment for your baking                          

If you require being fancy you can use a handheld mixer, but arm power works just as well, although the mixer whips air into the dough providing you with light textures. Use heavy metal baking sheets, some wax paper lining for your pans to prevent these cookies from sticking. Cooling racks or even your ovens, extra rack you bake on, no need to run out and buy yourself expensive equipment to ensure that you’re baking is a success.

Preparing your dough

The basics of homemade cookie recipes are the importance of the dough. Always measure with precision in mind, use the exact ingredients, butter and sugar is always creamed together, before adding the rest. Don’t over mix your dough with the dry ingredients, add them slowly while mixing. Chill the dough in your fridge preventing overspread as your biscuits bake.

Now the best part of all, baking them

Always ensure that your oven is preheated, place the dough on cool baking sheets. Spread the cookie dough on the tray to ensure they do not bake and touch each other. Place your tray on the second rack from the bottom of the oven, if baking more than one tray ensures that you rotate them ½ ways through the cooking time. Remove and leave to cool down, before transferring them to your cookie tins. Make yourself a nice mug of coffee or tea, sit down, and enjoy your scrumptious magical biscuits.
Simple Cookie Recipes

For the Microwave owner

We have not forgotten you; microwave cooking is not just for making your favorite food, add a little panache and find some easy microwave simple cookie recipes right here, so much faster than waiting for the oven to bake. Who said biscuits cannot be made in your prestige microwave.
Baking cookies in your microwave is an easy way to spend time with your children teaching them the technique of baking without burning themselves.  Now you say to bake in the microwave, no it does not taste the same! You’re wrong, with our tasty, easy cookie recipes you are sure to find one that is easy to make and follow.
All that is needed is the correct ingredients and your basic kitchen utensils. Always remember to use microwave proof trays, you do not want it to light up and spread sparks all over the place.
By following our biscuit recipes there is no fuss and mess with making some sweet cookie treats in your microwave.

We’ve come to the end, but don’t leave yet!

In order to fill your wishes with delicious snacks of little biscuits decorated to taste, we are sure that you will find one of our simple cookie recipes to your taste. Providing your friends and family with the gift in home baking for birthdays, celebration, and festivity or just for companionship by spreading the love with your own homemade cookies.