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Simple Cookie Recipes - Delicious & Easy Cookie Recipes

May 07, 2018
Simple Cookie Recipes - Delicious & Easy Cookie Recipes

Simple Cookie Recipes

We are so glad you found us, sit down, relax, enjoy a warm cup of coffee or tea you may find the Simple Cookie Recipes to enjoy with your beverage the next time you visit us.
Feel at home and find out what we can offer you when it comes to making yourself Simple Cookies.
Simple Cookie Recipes

What you can expect at our Simple Cookie Recipes home!

At our Simple Cookie Recipes home, we’re all about sweet sensational tasting cookies. We’re a cookie orientated family that works hard to provide you with good sweet and wholesome biscuits’ to pass on to your family and friends.
Feel free to roam our home to learn all about our recipes when it comes to baking your favorite home to holiday treats.
Here you will learn how the best scrumptious cookies are made from scratch, with some delicate tasteful recipes to show off to family and friends from local too far away.

Why Cookies you say!

This favorite comfort food began as a kitchen test, and who doesn’t enjoy a cookie! If you think if we did not have ovens, we would not have had these delightful treats. Biscuits’ was invented in the days of old to test primitive ovens to bake cakes.
Rather than ruining the cake the little cake or cookie had been born, not knowing that these delicate, simple cookies would fascinate so many all over the world.
Cookies are small, sweet, salty, flat and even round and easy to make. They can be flour based, and even flourless; made from egg whites with added chocolate and nuts. They are chewy, soft or crispy, big, small, plain and fancy all to your required taste.
Made with sugar and butter or complex with multitudes of ingredients, each with their own name from the cookie, biscuit to koekje or little cake, but we all love them.

Homemade Cookie Recipe styles

Choose our homemade cookie recipes’ style suited for you from the classical dough handled to no baked cookies. Learn how to make the following:
Learn how to make tray bake cookies also known as bar cookies. Play with batter poured and pressed into trays, baked and cut to size to tickle your taste buds. Or choose soft dough dropped by spoon onto a baking sheet, while baking ads some flair with chocolate, nuts, and decorations.
Delicious cookie recipes made with stiffer dough, molded into balls or even little heart shapes. Enjoy some no-bake cookies or pressed soft dough decorative shapes. Refrigerate or icebox them, and even roll them into cute shapes as a holiday treat.
Simple Cookie Recipes

Deliciously enticing, magical world of home cookie baking

Since you are here with us, we know you are taking the step into the world of baking cookies. Allow us to share simple recipes for cookies, were not all professional bakers, and even some are new, let us share with you the easy requirements to start with the basic needs of baking these luscious biscuits.

Basic Ingredients

The basics of our cookie recipes include sugar, eggs, flour, butter, and some extra added tasteful ingredients to spice up your life. Be sure to make use of real butter if you can. Some recipes may call for various sugars from powdered to granule. Eggs are the key ingredient to binding your cookie dough and don’t forget the flour, all-purpose flour is usually the best.

Equipment for your baking                          

If you require being fancy you can use a handheld mixer, but arm power works just as well, although the mixer whips air into the dough providing you with light textures. Use heavy metal baking sheets, some wax paper lining for your pans to prevent these cookies from sticking. Cooling racks or even your ovens, extra rack you bake on, no need to run out and buy yourself expensive equipment to ensure that you’re baking is a success.

Preparing your dough

The basics of homemade cookie recipes are the importance of the dough. Always measure with precision in mind, use the exact ingredients, butter and sugar is always creamed together, before adding the rest. Don’t over mix your dough with the dry ingredients, add them slowly while mixing. Chill the dough in your fridge preventing overspread as your biscuits bake.

Now the best part of all, baking them

Always ensure that your oven is preheated, place the dough on cool baking sheets. Spread the cookie dough on the tray to ensure they do not bake and touch each other. Place your tray on the second rack from the bottom of the oven, if baking more than one tray ensures that you rotate them ½ ways through the cooking time. Remove and leave to cool down, before transferring them to your cookie tins. Make yourself a nice mug of coffee or tea, sit down, and enjoy your scrumptious magical biscuits.
Simple Cookie Recipes

For the Microwave owner

We have not forgotten you; microwave cooking is not just for making your favorite food, add a little panache and find some easy microwave simple cookie recipes right here, so much faster than waiting for the oven to bake. Who said biscuits cannot be made in your prestige microwave.
Baking cookies in your microwave is an easy way to spend time with your children teaching them the technique of baking without burning themselves.  Now you say to bake in the microwave, no it does not taste the same! You’re wrong, with our tasty, easy cookie recipes you are sure to find one that is easy to make and follow.
All that is needed is the correct ingredients and your basic kitchen utensils. Always remember to use microwave proof trays, you do not want it to light up and spread sparks all over the place.
By following our biscuit recipes there is no fuss and mess with making some sweet cookie treats in your microwave.

We’ve come to the end, but don’t leave yet!

In order to fill your wishes with delicious snacks of little biscuits decorated to taste, we are sure that you will find one of our simple cookie recipes to your taste. Providing your friends and family with the gift in home baking for birthdays, celebration, and festivity or just for companionship by spreading the love with your own homemade cookies.

Top 10 Singaporean Dessert Recipes

March 24, 2018
Top 10 Singaporean Dessert Recipes


Over the years, the Singaporean cuisine kept developing to the better significantly and still developing till now, choosing Singapore over all other countries in this post returns to greatness and the uniqueness of the Singaporean desserts.

And to make it easy for interested people, I'm going to mention my top 10 Singaporean dessert recipes and the easiest ones so you can start making your own Singaporean desserts or generally learn more about desserts in the Singaporean cuisine.

Top 10 Singaporean dessert recipes

1. Pisang Goreng

A snack food that is mainly made of bananas, Pisang Goreng is in origin Indonesian but it is very famous and known in Singapore that's why it's on my list.

Ingredients :
-4 Ripe bananas
-4 Eggs
-12 tablespoons Flour
-Oil for deep frying
-Cinnamon sugar

How To Prepare / Method
First, beat eggs and mix with flour and half (1/2) cup water (beat slightly).
Then and using a fork mash bananas and mix thoroughly with flour and egg mixture.
After that use a tablespoonful to deep fry banana and flour mixture in hot oil until golden brown.

Finally, drain with cinnamon sugar on absorbent paper.


2. Bo bo cha cha

Bo Bo Cha Cha, what a great dessert name, but do not get tricked by the name because you are going to make one of the greatest Singaporean desserts of all other Singaporean dessert recipes.

Ingredients :
-300g skin removed cubed sweet potatoes
-300g skin removed cubed taro (yam)
-one coconut milk
-few crushed and tied screwpine leaves
-salt and sugar

How To Prepare / Method
Using water cover sweet potatoes and yam then bring to a boil and add screwpine leaves.
Reduce heat and cook till yam is soft then add a pinch of salt and sugar and it gets dissolved add coconut milk and stir (be careful not to boil the milk).
Finally, serve (hot or cold by refrigerating).


3. Pandan Chiffon Cake

Pandan or Umbrella Tree, Screwpine, Pandanus, Pandan Leaf, too many names, a leaf that comes from Screw-Pines trees and that is mostly located in Southeast Asia, Australia, Madagascar.

Ingredients :
-green Pandan extract
-8 egg whites
-1/2tsp cream of tartar
-6 egg yolks
-1 cup self-raising flour (sieved 3 times)
-1/3 cup vegetable oil
-3/4 cup sugar
-1 cup coconut milk

How To Prepare / Method
First beat egg whites with cream of tartar until stiff, Then and gradually add half (1/2) of the sugar.
Then mix flour, oil, egg yolks, coconut milk, the remaining half of the sugar and a few drops of the Pandan extract.

After that mix flour mixture and egg whites together.

Finally, bake in moderate oven (180 C / 375 F) for 45 mins.


4. Durian Pengat

Durian is a fruit that looks like a pineapple and the word Durian means a spike in the Malay-Indonesian languages, it is known as "king of fruits" in many Southeast Asia regions and countries.

Ingredients :
-175g durian pulp
-175g durian puree
-1 cup fresh milk
-1 cup coconut milk
-4 knotted pandan leaves
-80g shaved palm sugar

How To Prepare / Method
First and in a pot put palm sugar, milk and pandan leave then simmer till sugar melted, After that add durian puree and durian pulp and simmer gently for 15 mins.

Next is to put in a half (1/2) cup coconut milk, Then add the remaining coconut milk when mixture boils and bring again to boil.

Finally, Serve chilled.


5. Honey Grass Jelly

Grass Jelly, a jelly-like dessert that is famous in Southeast Asia regions and countries, also known as leaf jelly and it has many packages and sizes.

Ingredients :
-1 cup nata de coco
-1 tablespoon of honey
-1 block of diced unsweetened grass jelly
-200 ml of water
-1 can of diced heavily syruped peach (100ml of its syrup needs to be retained)

How To Prepare / Method
In a large dessert bowl place, grass jelly Then adds water and 50ml of peach syrup and stir in honey (stir gently).
Add in nata de coco dices and peaches and before serving put in the refrigerator to chill.

6. Ice Kachang

When it comes to frozen and cool desserts Ice Kachang is my best one, comparing its recipe to other icing Singaporean dessert recipes is not an easy job but in my opinion, it is the one with the most advantages, that is because it's easy to make, delicious and so famous out there.

Ingredients :
-50g cendol
-50g sweet corn
-50g cubed lengkong
-50g cooked till soft red beans
-50g cooked sago (add a drop of coloring)
-50g cooked agar strand
-2tsp sweetened condensed milk
-1 big bowl shaved ice
-100g mixed fruit in syrup
-4tsp brown syrup
-2tsp evaporated condensed milk
-4tsp red syrup

How To Prepare / Method
First, dissolve in boiling water to make red syrup, Then add a knot of pandan leaf and red dye.
In hot water dissolve brown sugar to make brown syrup, Then add pandan leaf and strain.
Then add a bit of all ingredient in a bowl and top with shaved ice in a form of a mountain (a steep one).

Next is to spoon a little of red and brown syrup (according to what fits your taste), and on the iced pour the two (2) kinds of milk.
Finally serve immediately (Serves 4-5).


7. Onde-Onde

Onde-Onde or onde, Ondeh-ondeh is a Kuih dessert, it is mainly made of boiled rice, glutinous rice flour and palm sugar.

Ingredients :
-150g chopped Palm Sugar
-250g Glutinous Rice Flour
-100g Grated Coconut
-200 ml Pandan Juice
-A Pinch Of Salt (Sea salt works great)

How To Prepare / Method
Combine the glutinous rice flour with Pandan juice in a large bowl and knead lightly, then drop a small piece (40-45g) of the dough into boiling water.

Remove the dough with a slotted spoon when it rises up the surface and shakes off the excess water.
Then mix back into the main dough and knead well to form a smooth dough, After that cover and set aside the dough for about 15 mins.

Using steam and a pinch of salt mix the grated coconut with for about two to three mins and let it cool (complete cool).

Bring to boil a pot of water And Pinch a 15g piece of dough and flatten lightly.
Next is to use palm sugar to fill the center of the dough, Then and in your palm roll to form a smooth ball and in the boiling water cook the glutinous rice balls.

Remove the rice balls with a slotted spoon when they float to the surface and shake off the excess water.
Finally and using grated coconut coat the rice balls and serve immediately.


8. Peanut Paste

If you like liquid desserts or you consider them you first-choice desserts, then Peanut Paste is the Singaporean dessert recipe you will surely love and enjoy.

Ingredients :
-1L water
-1tbsp raw white rice
-320g shelled roasted ground peanuts (unsalted and unsweetened)
-cooked in boiling water, black sesame glutinous rice balls (not required)

How To Prepare / Method
Combine water, peanuts, rice and blend till fine in a blender or a food processor, Next and into a saucepan pour the peanut mixture and bring to a boil.
After that, Reduce heat and simmer (for about 1 hour) or until the peanuts are tender.
If the mixture looks dry add some water.

For taste, purpose add sugar And set aside to cool slightly.
Again and into the blender or the food processor pour the mixture and blend until sleek.
Finally and between serving bowls divide the rice balls and then ladle the peanut paste over.

9. Bubur Pulut Hitam

Bubur pulut Hitam, bubur injun, Bubur Ketan Hitam or Black glutinous rice porridge is a dessert that is mainly made from the porridge of black glutinous rice, palm sugar, and coconut milk, for many people this is the best Asian dessert ever and after preparing it maybe you will share a common point of view.

Ingredients :
-2.5L water
-150g palm sugar
-8 pandan leaves
-300g black glutinous rice
-100ml coconut cream
-1tsp salt

How To Prepare / Method
First of all wash the black glutinous rice completely until the water runs clear, Then add the pandan leaves and water and bring to boil.

By being covered Let it boil for 40 mins then add the palm sugar and stir.
reduce heat to medium-low and boil again for 15 to 20 mins.
Finally and when serving drizzle on coconut cream.


10. Sugee cake

A butter cake and a soft one that is mainly made of semolina flour and egg yolks, one of the most known cakes /desserts in Southeast Asia, it makes a great dessert for feasts and holidays.

Ingredients :
-300g sugar
-250g plain flour
-250g semolina
-120ml milk
-3 teaspoons baking powder
-200 grams butter
-1 teaspoon vanilla essence
-1/4cup finely chopped almond
-6 eggs

How To Prepare / Method
First, sift dry ingredients, Then divide egg whites from yolks and beat the yolks, Next is to cream the sugar and butter and whisk in the yolks slowly. 

Then stir in semolina, baking powder, the plain flour with milk when mixing in the ingredients.
Alternate each ingredient until measured ingredients are over, Then and into the mixture fold in almonds, After that whisk egg whites until stiff and fold the egg whites into the mixture.

Now add vanilla essence then and into an 18 - 20 cm² greased baking tin pour the mixture.
Finally, bake for 40 mins or till cooked over moderate heat.


Easiest 10 French Pastry Recipes - Easy French Desserts

November 22, 2017
Easiest 10 French Pastry Recipes - Easy French Desserts

France, a country that is full of great and famous things, Gourmet food, Famous artists and actors, Fromage, Football, Horse racing and the most important thing for us Desserts or as they are called Pastries in the French cuisine.

So I'm taking today's post to share my easiest 10 French pastry recipes with you so everyone can know more about the desserts or the pastries in the French cuisine and why not prepare their own homemade French pastries.

Easiest 10 French Pastry Recipes - Easy French Desserts

1. Chocolate Mousse

When it comes to French pastries you just can't exclude the Chocolate Mousse, it is one of easiest french desserts and even for all the world that's why it's in our Top 25 Easy Dessert Recipes With Few Ingredients list and the number one here , and here I'm going to give another different way to make it.

Ingredients :
-200g dark chocolate
-50g powdered sugar
-125g butter
-5 eggs
-1 pinch of salt
-1 teaspoon of milk

How To Prepare / Method
First simmer the chocolate to a melt with a teaspoon of milk, Then add the sugar, butter, egg yolks and the salt into the mixture.

Then beat the egg whites until very stiff.
Next and progressively pour them into the chocolate as you stir from the bottom to the surface of the bowl.

Finally, leave in the fridge for at least 4 hrs.

Chocolate-Mousse recipe

2. Gougères

Called also "choux au Fromage", a baked savory choux pastry mainly made of choux dough and cheese.

How To Prepare / Method
First put 25cl of water, 100g of butter, salt and pepper, in a pan (on medium heat) and when it boils add 150g of flour And mix well.

Next and out of the stove add 4 eggs separately and mix energetically between each one, Then add 150g of grated cheese and mix.

Now make small balls of the mix on a parchment paper.
Finally, bake in a preheated oven 350°F for about 25 mins.


3. French Pastry Cookies

Including French Pastry Cookies in the list of easiest french pastry recipes can be a mistake because I think the word easiest can be sometimes hard, what I mean is French Pastry Cookies are easier than easy that anyone can make them with closed eyes.

Ingredients :
-1 cup softened butter
-1/3 cup whipping cream
-2 cups flour

How To Prepare / Method
First mix together butter and whipping cream, Then add flour, after that mix by hand then chill for several hours(or overnight).

Then Heat oven to 375 degrees And roll (1/4 inch thick) on floured board and cut out with a small cutter.

Now dip cookies into granulated sugar and place onto ungreased cookie sheet.
With fork Prick each cookie (3 x each) And bake for 7 to 10 mins(or until puffy).
Finally Remove from cookie sheet immediately.

For Icing you need (1tsp vanilla - 1/4cup soft butter - 3/4cup powdered sugar - 1 egg yolk)
Mix all those icing ingredients together And Spread icing on one cookie and sandwich together.

4. Cinnamon Palmiers

A Palmier is a pastry that covers a palm leaf shape, it is mainly made from puff pastry, Mexicans call it orejas and it means ears because it is formed like an elephant ear.

Ingredients :
-1 package Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry Sheets / 2 sheets
-1 tablespoon water
-6 tablespoons sugar
-1 egg
-1 cup melted semi-sweet chocolate pieces

How To Prepare / Method
First Thaw the pastry sheets at room temperature for 40 mins until they are easy to handle, Then heat the oven to 400 degrees And lightly grease 2 baking sheets Then and with a fork stir the egg and water in small bowl.

After that unfold 1 pastry sheet on a lightly floured surface And roll the sheet (into a 16 x 10-inch rectangle), Then Brush with egg mixture.

Now sprinkle with 2 tablespoons of sugar, fold pastry toward center starting at the short sides (leaving a 1/4 inch space in the center). 

Brush with egg mixture and sprinkle with 1 tablespoon sugar, after that fold one side over the other (making a 4 layer rectangle) and Repeat the process with remaining pastry sheet.
Ok Now cut each rectangle into 12 (3/4 inch) slices and place cut side down 2 inches apart on prepared baking sheets, brush the tops with egg mixture.

bake for 12 mins (or until golden) and then remove from the baking sheets and cool on a wire rack.
Finally, dip half of each palmier into chocolate And place on waxed paper-lined baking sheets Then refrigerate until chocolate is set.


5. Macarons

A Macaron is a meringue-based dessert or a sweet that is mainly made of icing sugar, granulated sugar, egg white, almond with food coloring, it is a French dessert but it is also so popular in the whole Europe.

Ingredients :
-1/4cup almond meal
-3/4cup powdered sugar
-1/4 teaspoon salt
-4 large egg whites
-1/2 cup granulated sugar
-1/4 teaspoon almond extract
-For the filling, you can use strained jam (or any other fillings)

How To Prepare / Method
First and over a large bowl whisk together almond meal and powdered sugar and sift, Then beat egg whites until frothy, 1 to 2 mins, Next and slowly add granulated sugar and almond extract, beat until medium shiny peaks, about 3 to 5 mins.

After that fold egg whites into almond mixture until combined and mix vigorously with spatula until the mixture sinks easily into a smooth mass and has the consistency of honey Then transfer mixture to a pastry bag and cut off a half (1/2) inch off tip Then pipe one (1) inch rounds about 1 inch apart on parchment lined sheets.

Now let dry for 30 mins (to 1.5 hours) until tops are dry and firm, after preheating oven to 350 degrees and bake one (1) sheet at a time for about 14 mins (rotating once), then and before filling and sandwiching together, you need to let it cool completely on wire racks.


6. Dessert Crepes

A crepe is a pancake, mainly made from buckwheat or wheat flour and the word crepe is a French word that means curled.

Ingredients :
-4 lightly beaten eggs
-1/3 cup milk
-2 melted tablespoons butter
-1 cup flour
-2 tablespoons white sugar
-1/2 teaspoon salt

How To Prepare / Method
First whisk together eggs, milk, melted butter, flour sugar and salt in large bowl until smooth.
Over medium heat, Heat a medium sized crepe pan (or skillet), Then grease pan with a small amount of butter (you can use oil too) applied with a paper towel (or a brush).

Spoon about 3 tablespoons crepe batter into hot pan using a serving spoon or small ladle, and to make sure that bottom surface is evenly coated tilt the pan, then cook over medium heat for 1 to 2 mins (on each side), or until golden brown.

Finally Serve immediately (Serves 8).


7. Cherry Custard Pudding

Custard has always played an important part in the French desserts cuisine, it's mainly made of eggs, milk thickened by heat.

Ingredients :
-800g of washed and removed stalks ripe red or black cherries
-100g flour
-180g superfine sugar (Caster sugar)
-3 eggs
-a pinch of salt
-1 tablespoon kirsch
-700ml milk
-2 tablespoons of icing sugar
-butter (for greasing)

How To Prepare / Method
First, preheat oven 180 degrees (5 ovens) And sieve the flour with a pinch of salt into a large bowl.
Stir in sugar Then work in the eggs one (1) at a time, with a wooden spoon beat them well.
Now and slowly trickle in the milk and stirring well to prevent lumps forming Then flavor with the kirsch.

After that arrange the cherries in a large gratin dish after buttering it And cover with the batter and bake for 40 to 45 mins until set and golden.
Finally let cool for a while and sprinkle icing sugar (for garnish) before serving.

8. French Pear Flan

Flan is a kind of pastries that contains savory fillings or sweets, in most cases it covers a rounded shape.

Ingredients :
-2 pears
-2 tablespoons butter, softened
-3/4cup whipping cream
-2 eggs
-1/2cup sugar
-3/4cup milk
-1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon

How To Prepare / Method
First Preheat the oven to 300 degrees, Then and lightly grease an 8-inch flan dish.
Then peel the pears, cut them into halves and remove seeds and cut them into 1/4 inch slices.
In a saucepan place the sliced pears with the butter and sauté over a low heat for 5 mins with turning once.

At the same time mix together the eggs, milk, sugar, whipping cream and cinnamon in a mixing bowl, Then drain the pears and arrange in the greased flan case.
Finally and over the top of the pears pour the egg mixture and bake for about 40 mins (or until set) and serve warm.


9. French Apple Dessert

French Apple Dessert is my greatest over all other French pastry recipes, not because it is just easy to make but for other personal purposes (i love Apple, I love it so much).

Ingredients :
-4 cups of peeled & diced apples
-2 cups of sugar
-2tsp cinnamon
-2 eggs
-1/2 cup salad oil
-2 cups unsifted flour
-1/2 cup chopped nuts
-1tsp salt
-2tsp soda

How To Prepare / Method
In mixing bowl place the apples Then break eggs over apples and stir well, After that mix sugar and cinnamon and add to apples with nuts and salad oil and mix.

Next is to sift together the flour, salt and soda Then add to the first mixture and beat well.
In a greased and floured (9 x 13 inch) baking pan put the mixture and Bake in 350 degrees oven for 45 mins.

Finally cut into squares and serve with Caramel Sauce (makes 12 servings).


10. Creme Anglaise

Creme Anglaise is a sweet custard that can be used as a pastry, it is so simple to prepare that freezing vanilla ice cream would do the trick.

How To Prepare / Method
First you need to get a few pints of vanilla ice cream and let it melt a room temperature (until it gets like a sauce but not too warm, still kinda cool).

Then and in the bottom of a bowl put some sauce and top with fruit (for instance raspberries, you can also use a slice of pound cake). 

Five 5 Authentic Mexican Desserts Examples

October 23, 2017
Five 5 Authentic Mexican Desserts Examples

An authentic food in general means the kind of food that has been cooked and prepared for a long time (example: 50 to 100 years) in a certain region or country, and what makes that region or country famous and known by that kind of food.

And to explain more, I'm going to give some examples of authentic Mexican desserts to help you understand the idea, and define the authentic or traditional desserts by your own.

Top five 5 authentic Mexican Desserts Examples  

1. Arroz Con Dulce

Arroz Con Dulce is a rice pudding, that kind of desserts are made from rice and milk or water in addition to other ingredients, there are many kinds of rice pudding depending on the region and the traditions, the Asian ones, the American ones and the European ones.

Ingredients :
-2(1/4) cups of long grain white rice.
-4 cups of water
-1-liter milk
-1 stick cinnamon
-397 g sweetened condensed milk

How To Prepare / Method
Incompletely, Cook rice in the water, then adds the cinnamon when almost all the water is absorbed.
Add both milks after 3 to 5 mins and cook for another 15 mins or until all milk is absorbed.


2. Polvorones de Naranja

Polvorones de Naranja, a Mexican dessert that has many kinds, each region or city in Mexico has its own kind, it is mainly made of sugar, fat, flour and eggs.

Ingredients :
-1 cup lard
-1/2 cup shortening
-1/2 cup butter
-2 egg yolks
-1/4 cup orange juice
-1/2 cup sugar
-2 grated oranges peel
-4 cups flour (all-purpose flour)
-confectioner's sugar (for dusting)

How To Prepare / Method
First Preheat oven to 400 degrees and beat the lard in a large bowl until light and fluffy, Add sugar and beat until thoroughly mixed.

Then add yolks, orange peel, orange juice, and with a spatula stir in flour.
After that roll out the dough (to a thickness of 3/4 thick) on a floured surface Then cut out 2(1/2) circles and place them on a greased baking sheet, roll again the scraps until all dough is used.

Next is to bake 25 mins (or until it begins to brown lightly around the edges), Then and using a rack let it cool.

Finally and on a platter arrange and sprinkle with the sugar using a fine sieve.


3. Ancho Chocolate Sauce

One of the simplest authentic Mexican desserts, it only needs 3 ingredients to be made within a few minutes, it is a dessert that anyone can learn and make.

Ingredients :
-2 teaspoons of ancho chile paste (Guajillo Paste)
-1/4cup chocolate syrup
-2 scoops vanilla ice cream

How To Prepare / Method
All you need is to combine and mix well chocolate syrup with chile paste And into 2 dishes divide the ice cream and top with sauce.

As an additional step, you can also sprinkle the top with cayenne pepper (only a pinch).

4. Key Lime Pie

when lime is used in desserts it plays a huge role in their taste and that's what you gonna notice when you make the Key Lime Pie.

Ingredients :
-1/2cup freshly squeezed lime juice
-14oz can sweeten condensed milk (oz means ounces)
-3 tablespoons of sugar
-1/4teaspoon of salt
-3 eggs

How To Prepare / Method
First preheat the oven to 350 degrees, Then mix, milk, lime juice, sugar (1 tablespoon) , salt and the egg yolks until combined.

For the filling, we will use the reaction of the milk with the lime juice.
Into the prepared pie crust pour the mixture, Then beat the egg whites with the remaining 2 tablespoons sugar until stiff peaks are formed to Make meringue.

Finally and using the meringue top the pie and bake for 15 mins or until lightly browned.


5. Mexican Chocolate Ricotta

Ricotta, an Italian cheese that comes from cows, goats or sheep's milk whey (or also the Italian water buffalo), using the Ricotta we can make a lot of delicious desserts and the Mexican Chocolate Ricotta is one of them.

Ingredients :
-1/2cup low-fat ricotta cheese
-2 tablespoon cocoa powder
-1/2teaspoon Mexican vanilla extract
-2 tablespoon honey (mild)
-1/2teaspoon Mexican cinnamon

How To Prepare / Method
Simply in a food processor combine all ingredients and process until smooth.
Then and into small dessert dishes scoop and serve.


Those were some few authentic Mexican desserts examples, only few, hundreds or even thousands of them are still out there , the good thing about those few examples are maybe the easiest and the simplest so you can try cooking one of them on your own maybe for learning purposes and getting started with authentic desserts in the Mexican cuisine.

Top 5 Best Guatemalan Dessert Recipes

October 16, 2017
Top 5 Best Guatemalan Dessert Recipes


When we talk about desserts in the world, we really need to mention Guatemalan desserts, that is not a one person opinion but that is what a lot of people around the world think, and the main reason is that the Guatemalan desserts are something else ! something unique and maybe the greatest desserts you will ever try and taste.

And to simplify it I'm going to name some really great Guatemalan dessert recipes, so if you wanted or want to make a Guatemalan dessert you can rely on this list to help you out doing it.

Top 5 Best Guatemalan Dessert Recipes

1. Guatemalan Corn Cake

The Guatemalan corn cake or corncake is the leader of Guatemalan desserts and a very well-known one, it is mainly made from eggs, vanilla, and few other ingredients.

Ingredients :
-4 eggs
-yellow cake mix
-1/2cup vegetable oil
-1 package vanilla instant pudding mix
-1 teaspoon vanilla
-1 strained and mashed can cream-style (add milk to corn to make one cup)

How To Prepare / Method
First of all mix all ingredients for 2 mins, Then and into greased and floured bundt pour the mixture And Bake at 350ºF for 55 mins.
Let cool for 15 mins And then turn out of the pan , Finally cool and dust with confectioner's sugar if you want.


2. Platano Al Horno

Or Baked Plantain and plantain is a fruit and we can name it Banana-Twin , it is a crop from genus Musa, used in most times in cooking , it is believed that the plantain plant is originated in Southeast Asia and there are two famous groups or types of plantains, The French one and the horn one.

Ingredients :
-4 Ripe plantains
-2 oz Fruit preserve (guava works best but the choice is up to you)
-2 oz Shredded soy cheese

How To Prepare / Method
First Set oven to 375 degrees And peel and slice the plantains lengthwise in the middle (careful to not cut all the way through, the two sides needs to kept joined).

Using cheese and fruit preserve stuff the plantain And place in a Nonstick pan, Then add 1/4 water to pan bottom and then cover with foil.
Finally, bake for 30 minutes (or until it gets soft). 


3. Mango Avocado Salsa

A salsa or a sauce, a Spanish and Italian word, and salsa are made from very known ingredients and vegetables and especially tomato a good Guatemalan dessert recipes

Ingredients :
-1 diced tomato
-2 peeled and chopped avocados
-1 peeled and chopped mango
-1/4 diced red onion
-1 dash garlic salt
-1 diced red pepper

How To Prepare / Method
In a medium-sized bowl combine all ingredients Then cover and chill for 20 to 30 mins.


4. Guatemalan Sweet Cakes

If you love Cakes, Sweet-Cakes then this Guatemalan recipe will work great for you, a very simple and a delicious one.

Ingredients :
-1/4teaspoon salt
-7 tablespoons softened unsalted butter
-2/3cup sugar
-3/4cup rice flour
-1/2cup farmer cheese at room temperature
-3 eggs (large ones)
-1 teaspoon baking powder

How To Prepare / Method
First Preheat oven to 350 degrees (with rack in middle), Then line muffin cups And whisk together baking powder, salt and flour in a bowl.
In a large bowl beat together sugar and butter using an electric mixer until fluffy and pale 2-3 mins, And beat in eggs one at a time (after each addition beat well), After that beat in cheese until combined.

Divide among nine muffin cups a 1/4 cup slightly rounded batter for each, Next is to bake until pale golden (nearly 25 mins).
Finally and on a rack for 15 mins cool cakes in pans And then turn out onto rack and cool to warm. 

5. Rellenitos de Platano

Rellenitos de Platanor, a Guatemalan dessert for everyone that is mainly made from plantains that i have talked about in the Platano Al Horno recipe and frijoles or black beans.

Ingredients :
-1 tablespoon white sugar
-1/4 oil (for frying)
-1 can be refried black beans
-1 teaspoon salt
-6 peeled and broke into chunks plantains

How To Prepare / Method
In a large pot place the plantains in water to cover and bring to a boil, Next reduce heat and simmer until tender (for about 15 mins) Then mash and drain.
Heat the refried beans in a small saucepan over low heat Then stir in the salt and sugar, After that Remove from heat.

Form a palm-sized amount of mashed plantains into a ball, in the middle flatten and place nearly a teaspoon of the bean mixture Then and around the beans mold the sides of the plantain making an egg-shaped ball and the purpose of that is to make the rellenitos.

Heat oil in a large skillet or deep fryer to 375 degrees, Then and in oil Fry rellenitos until browned.
And as a final step drains on paper towels.


The Best 5 Easy Italian Dessert Recipes

October 13, 2017
The Best 5 Easy Italian Dessert Recipes

Italian food is simply great main meals desserts, drinks and everything else, that's 100% true for the country who came up with Pizza, Spaghetti, Pasta and more famous food.

And when it comes to desserts, the Italian cuisine is still on top with too many great, delicious and easy dessert recipes, so in today's post, I'm going to cover the best 5 easy Italian dessert recipes that you may need and use to learn more about Italian desserts and start making your own.

The Best 5 Easy Italian Dessert Recipes

1. Chocolate Salami

Salame di cioccolato in Italian, it is so easy to make that your kids can learn how to make it too, it is mainly made from chocolate, eggs, butter with some other ingredients.

Ingredients :
-2 egg yolks
-2 Tbsp sugar
-2 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa
-1 Tbsp milk
-3/4cup butter
-7 oz dry biscuits (you can use graham crackers)

How To Prepare / Method
First beat the egg yolks with the sugar until foamy, Then melt the butter (do not cook it).
Next is to add the butter to the egg mixture and using an electric hand blender combine well, after that add the cocoa and the milk slowly until well incorporated.

Ok Now and using a rolling pin or a bottle break the biscuits in little pieces And stir the biscuits into the cream mixture using a wooden spoon until perfectly mixed.

Over a piece of tinfoil place the mixture and shape it like a salami.
Finally, wrap it on both sides and refrigerate until hard Then present it on a serving dish and slice it just as you would do with salami. 


2. Chocolate Balls

In Italian they are called Pauline di cioccolato , small delicious balls covered with chocolate, personally, it is one of my best easy Italian dessert recipes that does not require too many ingredients and time.

Ingredients :
-3(1/2oz) unsweetened chocolate (three halves)
-1 cup shelled Hazelnuts 
-3/4 cup confectioner's sugar
-1 Tbsp unsalted butter
-1 Tbsp cold espresso coffee
-3 Tbsp unsweetened cocoa

How To Prepare / Method
First, in a bowl grate the chocolate And blend the Hazelnuts, Then add the hazelnuts to the chocolate along with the sugar, coffee, and butter.
Next is to mix well with a spoon And then prepare a plate with the cocoa.
After that, you need to roll the mix into 1 inch balls with your hands and place them on the cocoa.
When they are all ready roll them (gently) in the cocoa And then a bit between your hands (to remove the excess cocoa).

Finally, place them on a serving dish and keep them in the fridge (or any other cool place) until you are ready to serve them. 

3. Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is a Pudding-type dessert that mainly contains cream, gelatin and sugar and it may be aromatized with coffee, vanilla and many other flavorings.

Ingredients :
-1/3 cup skim milk
-1 envelope unflavored gelatin (1 = 0.25oz)
-2(1/2) cups of heavy cream
-1/2 cup of white sugar
-1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract

How To Prepare / Method
First, pour the milk into a small bowl, and stir in the gelatin powder And then set-a-side.
Next stir together the heavy cream and sugar in a saucepan and set over medium heat, Then bring to a full boil (watching it carefully).

Pour the gelatin and milk into the cream as the cream will quickly rise to the top of the pan and stirring until completely dissolved.

Now cook for one minute, stirring constantly.
After that remove from heat then pour into six individual ramekin dishes.

Finally, cool the ramekins uncovered at room temperature and when cool cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 4 hours (but preferably to refrigerate overnight before serving). 


4. Affogato

In Italian Affogato means drowned, and Affogato is a coffee-based dessert that means that we are going to make something new, a unique dessert idea and a really easy one.

How To Prepare / Method
All you have to do is to put a scoop of vanilla ice cream or gelato (What is the difference between gelato and ice cream) in a small bowl and then top it with a shot of hot espresso (you can also use strong coffee). 


5. Italian Ice

Italian Ice or Water Ice is a frozen sweetened dessert that is mainly made from fruits and juices, a very easy to make dessert and that's why it has not got famous only in Italy but it is also well-known in many European countries and even all around the world.

Ingredients :
-2 cups of water
- 1/4 cup of granulated sugar
-1 cup of orange, lemon, cranberry or pineapple juice
- you can use Maraschino cherries as a garnish

How To Prepare / Method
First and in a small saucepan bring water and sugar to a boil, Then stir until the sugar is dissolved.
Next, boil for 5 minutes And then stir frequently, after that cool thoroughly, Stir in juice And Pour into a freezer container.

Now place in freezer for 4 hours.
To make the mixture almost completely frozen you need to stir occasionally.
Finally, spoon into tall glasses and garnish with maraschino cherries (Serves 4-6). 


And here I come again to confirm that Italian desserts are great and those easy Italian dessert recipes that I have mentioned in this post are just a sample of this greatness.

Top 25 Easy Dessert Recipes With Few Ingredients

October 13, 2017
Top 25 Easy Dessert Recipes With Few Ingredients

Desserts are people's next request after the main meal, I mean everyone will accept and seek for a delicious Chocolate cake after enjoying a good chicken meal.

So in this post, I'm going to share the best 25 easy dessert recipes with few ingredients that will be enough for anyone to make their own first (or maybe not) delicious dessert and feel proud about it, also getting new dessert recipes ideas for the future.

5 Easy Italian Dessert Recipes With Few Ingredients

1. Creamy chocolate sauce recipe

Chocolate is made from cocoa beans which are picked from the cacao trees, these trees are also known as Theobroma cacao which you can find in the Amazon basin and some tropical areas of South and Central America.

we needed some information about Chocolate because it will take a big part in our Creamy chocolate sauce dessert.

Ingredients :
-125ml double cream
-85g of chocolate
-½ tsp of vanilla essence (tsp means tablespoon)

How To Prepare / Method
First Put the cream into a small heavy-based pan and heat gently, stirring frequently, remove from the heat when the cream comes to the boil, you need to let it cool for a minute then stir in the chopped chocolate.

You need to stir it gently until smooth.
Stir in the vanilla essence and serve immediately. 


2. Easy chocolate cake frosting recipe

A cake that will cover and fill 23cm, needs to be used immediately by pouring onto the cake and spreading as you want it, it's a recipe that sets quickly.

Ingredients :
-200g butter at room temperature
-200g sifted icing sugar
-200g plain chocolate melted

How To Prepare / Method
First cream together in a medium bowl the butter and the icing sugar, Then add the melted chocolate and whisking all the time as you do.

And as I said in the introduction use it immediately by pouring onto the cake and spreading. 

3. Chocolate buttercream frosting

A 20-23cm round layer will be enough to fill this cake, and the Italian buttercream is considered one of the best in addition to the Swiss buttercream.

Ingredients :
-4 egg yolks
-125g granulated sugar
-250g unsalted butter chopped
-100g plain chocolate (melted)
-100ml water

How To Prepare / Method
First Beat the egg yolks in a bowl until they are pale and thick, Then you need to gently heat the sugar and water in a heavy-based pan until dissolved.
Now bring to the boil until the syrup reaches the soft-ball stage (115C, 240F) / use a sugar thermometer.

Gradually pour the syrup over the egg and whisking all the time with a hand-held electric whisk.
After that beat the softened butter into the mixture, Then pour in the melted chocolate.
When it's fresh Use this buttercream frosting straightaway. 

4. Sure Fire, No Fire S'mores

AS'more is a kind of marshmallow that needs to be roasted over a fire then needs to be put between two graham crackers with a layer of chocolate, it's popular in the United States and Canada and it has a national day that's celebrated annually on August 10.

Ingredients :
-6 graham crackers
-A mini marshmallows bag
-3 (1.55 ounces) Hershey's Milk Chocolate Bars, needs to be split into 2

How To Prepare / Method
First split graham cracker into 2 halves and place the mini marshmallows on top of the graham cracker squares, then place under broiler for a few seconds until toasty.

Now remove and place 1/2 (half) of a Hershey bar on top of marshmallow (The heat from the marshmallow will melt the chocolate bar).

Place the other half of the graham cracker on top and press lightly to flatten marshmallows.
Now you may wrap it (using a plastic wrap) until it's ready to heat and eat. 


5. Banana Brownies

The Banana is a lot's favorite fruit, Bananas are grown in more than 150 countries around the world like Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras and Panama and when it comes to desserts Banana Brownies are the best.

Ingredients :
-1 lb dark chocolate (lb means pound)
-2 sticks (1 cup) of butter
-4 eggs
-4 bananas
-1 cup flour / 1 cup sugar
-1 tbsp cocoa powder / 1 tbsp baking powder

How To Prepare / Method
First, your oven needs to be 325 degrees.
Then melt the chocolate and butter together in a small bowl (needs to be set over a pot of simmering water)

In another bowl mash together the eggs and bananas, then add the flour, cocoa, sugar and the baking powder and stir to combine, Pour in the melted chocolate mixture and stir again.
Now Butter and flour an 8 by 8 baking. 

6. Vegan Caramel Apples

Vegan Caramel Apples is one of the best easy dessert recipes with few ingredients for vegans that's why I have included it in my list.

Ingredients :
-2 Tbsp margarine (vegan margarine)
-1 cup lightly packed brown sugar
-1/3 cup organic corn syrup
-1 cup sweetened condensed milk
-1 tsp vanilla extract

How To Prepare / Method
First, melt the margarine in a small saucepan over low heat and stir in sugar and corn syrup.
Then bring the liquid to a boil and stir in the condensed milk.

Now stirring frequently and then cook over medium heat until it reaches the soft ball stage, 220 degrees, you know you've reached the right temperature if you can pick up the caramel in a softball that splits apart in your fingers.

Take it off the heat and stir in the vanilla once it reaches soft ball stage.
Now you need to allow the caramel to cool until it's looking nice and thick.
Ok now dip each apple into caramel and turn to glaze each side holding the stick and roll in any nuts or toppings.
Finally set onto wax paper to cool. 

Vegan-Caramel-Apples recipe

7. Caramel Slice

Caramel Slice also is known as Caramel shortbread, Caramel Shortcake and Caramel Squares, it's a kind of biscuit that's popular in Scotland and United Kingdom.

Ingredients :
-1 cup self-raising flour
-1 cup coconut
-1/2 cup brown sugar
-1 cup rolled oats
-150g melted butter

How To Prepare / Method
We need to mix the ingredients and press them after mixing into a greased pan and bake at 180C for 10 minutes. 

8. Cheese Pie With Fruit Topping

Pies are some delicious baked dishes which we can make using pastries dough and some savoury ingredients and there are many different kinds of pies like egg pies, fish pies, meat pies and what we are making is a cheesy one.

Ingredients :
-8oz softened Cream cheese (oz means Ounces)
-14oz Sweetened condensed milk
-1/3cup Lemon juice (you can use bottled ones)
-1 ½ tsp Vanilla
-1 Pie filling of your choice (something like Cherry)
-1 Graham cracker crust

How To Prepare / Method
First, beat cheese until fluffy in large mixing bowl Then beat in condensed milk until smooth.
Now stir in lemon juice and vanilla and pour into Graham cracker crust and refrigerate for 3 hours or more.
Before serving top with the pie of your choice. 


9. 1-2-3 Cobbler

Cobbler word does not refer to a single dish but refers to a variety of dishes, it's popular in the United Kingdom and the United States, it can be made using fruits or some savory ingredients.

Ingredients :
-3 cans of fruit pie filling (of your choice, Cherry works great)
-1 box of yellow cake mix
-1 stick of margarine melted
-2 tsp of cinnamon

How To Prepare / Method
First, you need to empty dry cake mix in a bowl Then add the cinnamon and set-a-side.
Then empty all three cans into a 9 by 13-inch baking dish and spread evenly so that there are no gaps.
Sprinkle dry cake mix over pie filling till completely covered and make sure you have no lumps in the cake mix and then drizzle the melted margarine over the entire cake mix.

Finally put in a 350-degree oven for 45-50 minutes till the top is looking golden brown and you see a bubbly pie filling.
It can be served warm or cool. 

10. Coconut Macaroons

One of the greatest sugar-free and easy to make cookies, for me the French Coconut Macaroons are one of my best easy dessert recipe with few ingredients.

Ingredients :
-4 egg whites
-1/4 teaspoon salt
-1 cup Xylitol
-1/2 teaspoon vanilla
-2(1/2 cups unsweetened) and a shredded coconut

How To Prepare / Method
First beat egg whites and salt at medium speed until soft peaks form then Add xylitol, a 1/2 cup at a time, until stiff peaks form.
Fold in vanilla and coconut using a spatula.
Now place about a tablespoon of dough 2 inches apart on a greased cookie sheet and Bake at 325° for 25 minutes(or until tops are light brown).
Finally let cool for 5–10 minutes before removing. 

11. Creme Brulee

Crème brûlée or burnt cream, crema Catalana or Trinity cream is a French dessert that's made of custard and caramel and that's normally served at room temperature.

Ingredients :
-8 to 10 egg yolks
-200g sugar
-1 vanilla pod
-1L cream
-brown sugar

How To Prepare / Method
First, put egg yolks and sugar in a bowl Then add the cream and mix well.
Cook for one (1) hour on 100/125°C in Brulee cream pots.
Now let it cool before caramelization.
you can use a blowtorch or an iron with the brulee cream. 


12. Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie is one the best American desserts that can be easily and quickly made.

Ingredients :
-1 graham cracker pie crust
-1 box unprepared lime jello mix
-1 container of key lime pie yogurt
-1 container of cool whip

How To Prepare / Method
All you need to do is to mix the last three ingredients together and put in the pie crust.
Then refrigerate until ready to serve. 


13. Green Tea Ice-Cream

The Green Tea Ice-Cream is (in my opinion) the best and the easiest Japanese dessert that can be made in minutes and a really enjoyable one.

Ingredients :
-1tbsp green tea powder
-2/3cup sugar
-3 egg yolks
-3/4cup milk
-200ml pure cream

How To Prepare / Method
First, mix the tea powder with two (2) tablespoons of sugar.
Then mix egg yolks with the remaining sugar in a separate bowl.
Next is to pour milk into pan and heat gently.

Now Remove it from heat and mix some of the milk into the green tea mixture.
Add paste to the remaining milk in the pan when your paste looks smooth.
After that, whisk in the egg yolks and then leave to cool.
Finally, whip the cream then add to the cold green tea mixture and freeze. 

14. Easy Peach Cobbler

From it's name the Easy Peach Cobbler is a top rated easy dessert that everyone loves and everyone finds simple to make and it is a one dessert that i advice everyone to try.

Ingredients :
-1-quart canned peaches (you can use 2 large cans too)
-1/3cup cornstarch
-1 cup sugar
-1 Tablespoon cinnamon
-2 cans Grand cinnamon rolls

How To Prepare / Method
First, drain the juice from peaches, then place peaches into glass bake pan.
Then simmer juice, cornstarch, sugar, and cinnamon in a small sauce pan until thickens.
Next, pour over peaches and place cinnamon rolls on top of peaches.
Now bake as directed on rolls.
Finally, Remove from oven and drizzle with the icing in rolls. 

15. Strawberry and Cream Pancakes

We all know and love Pancakes, those flat delicious cakes that's made of stretch batter, eggs, milk, and butter on a hot surface, and Strawberry and Cream Pancakes are the easiest.

Ingredients :
-8 Pancakes (simple ones)
-515g can of strawberries
-30ml of cornflour / cornstarch
-Finely grated rind and juice of 1 orange
-150ml whipped heavy cream

How To Prepare / Method
First, you need to prepare the pancakes (and keep them warm).
Then empty the strawberries and juice into a pan.
Next is to blend the cornflour with the orange rind and juice and stir into the pan.
Now bring to the boil and cook for 2 mins, with stirring.
After that you need to divide between the pancakes (by pouring over it), then roll up and place on serving plates.
Finally serve straight away after topping with a large spoonful of whipped cream. 


16. Peanut Butter Cookies

Who does not know what a Peanut butter cookie is? I think we all know, but what we are going to make is the easiest Peanut butter cookie ever.

Ingredients :
-1 white or yellow box of cake mix
-1/2cup peanut butter
-1/4cup butter (or margarine)
-1/4 cup water
-2 eggs

How To Prepare / Method
First, you need to Heat your oven to 350 degrees.
Then, just mix all of the ingredients together until they are smooth and sticky.
Next drop by rounded tablespoonfuls about 2" apart onto an ungreased cookie sheet.
Finally Bake for 8-12 mins. 

17. A Very Quick Chocolate Treat

This is a one quick dessert Europeans love and not only Europeans but it's a great one for all the world.

Ingredients :
-1 banana (cut into thin rounds)
-1/4cup of chocolate chips
-1/4cup of cream

How To Prepare / Method
First Cut the banana into a cereal bowl.
Then sprinkle with chocolate chips and pour on cream.
Finally put on Microwave for one (1) minute and stir (eat warm).

18. Cornflake Cookies

Cornflakes normally are some food that we eat as a breakfast filling a certain form (small pieces of chips), but here we are trying to make something more than normal cornflakes but the easy tasty Cornflake Cookies.

Ingredients :
-12oz bag chocolate morsels
-1 cup of chunky peanut butter
-5 cups of cornflakes

How To Prepare / Method
Over low heat melt the morsels and peanut butter And when melted, mix cornflakes and mix thoroughly.
Then drop by a teaspoon on cookie sheet and let it cool. 


19. Chocolate Crisp Marshmallows

A Marshmallow is a confection that is mainly made of sugar, water and what is known as gelatin, and using Marshmallows we can make many great desserts as the Chocolate Crisp Marshmallows.

Ingredients :
-24 marshmallows
-1 cup thick chocolate with ice cream topping
-2-3 cups Rice Krispies cereal

How To Prepare / Method
First and using a toothpick pierce each marshmallow, then and with a toothpick (the first one if you want) hold the marshmallows and spoon ice cream topping over each next roll in the cereal to coat.
Finally Set on waxed paper and refrigerate to set.

20. A Very Quick Bananas Made Dessert

Peel a Banana, Then put a popsicle stick into it and Freeze it in the freezer, after that Dunk in Chocolate Magic Shell ice cream topping and roll in chopped peanuts, it can be eaten as an ice cream bar. 

21. Whipped Cream

A Whipped Cream is the process of whipping a cream using a whisk or a mixer until it looks light and fluffy.

Ingredients :
-1 cup heavy Cream
-1 tablespoon Powdered sugar

How To Prepare / Method
First, whip the cream until slightly thickened for about 2 mins in a chilled bowl.
Then add the sugar And whip to fluffy peaks for about 2 more mins. 


22. Dirt Pudding

Dirt Pudding is one dessert of the American Dirt cakes that mainly uses sandwich cookies and pudding to create a dirty look but a delicious dessert.

Ingredients :
-1pound bag of Oreo’s
-1 large box of instant vanilla pudding
-1 small container of Cool Whip
-1 Tablespoon confectioner's sugar

How To Prepare / Method
First Crush 3/4 bag of Oreo’s and spread in 9x13 baking dish.
Then Make pudding as directed on package And add Cool Whip and sugar and spread over crushed Oreo’s.

Finally, crush the remaining Oreo’s and sprinkle on top of pudding mixture Then Refrigerate. 

23. Pumpkin Pudding

Pudding is a food or a dessert in most times, and it is named pudding because most believe it comes from the French boudin, there are many types and shapes for pudding and what we are gonna make is the Pumpkin one.

Ingredients :
-1 small box vanilla pudding
-1 cup canned pumpkin
-1 cup milk
-1 teaspoon cinnamon
-1/2 teaspoon ginger

How To Prepare / Method
First and in a mixing bowl combine pudding mix and milk (mix well) Then add pumpkin and spices and Mix thoroughly.

Now pour into serving dishes and chill until set. 

24. Chocolate Mousse

A mousse is one of the greatest French desserts, it may be both sweet or savory and it's mainly made with whipped cream or whipped egg whites.

Ingredients :
-2 cups chocolate pieces
-1/2cup sugar
-3 eggs
-1 cup boiling milk

How To Prepare / Method
First Place the ingredients in a blender And blend until smooth for about 30 seconds.
After that pour into 8 dessert dishes and chill until ready to serve (at least 1 hour).
You can also top with whipped cream, fruit, coconuts, nuts... 

Chocolate Mousse-Recipe

25. A Quick Cinnamon Crispy Bread

This is a very quick dessert recipe so let's get started, first buy Italian bread then slice in 3/4s and slather with butter after that throw in oven until brown, finally retrieve and sprinkle lots of cinnamon sugar over it.

This was my fast easy dessert recipes with few ingredients list that you can use and take advantages of to make your own home-made desserts and know more about this amazing desserts world.